Motorola TE-93 Touchless ForeheadThermometer 外線體溫探測器

  • C02140-B


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Safe and hygienic
No-touch infrared technology
High temperature alert
Fast two second reading
Beeps when done
Fahrenheit or Celsius display
Stores the 32 most recent readings for easy recall
Bright backlit display
Technical Specifications
Measuring distance: 3 - 5cm
Range of operation: 32 - 42.9 ℃
Power: 2 x AA battery
Dimension: 14.8 x 4.5 x 10 cm
Weight: 141.5 g including battery
- Product is covered by 1-year free warranty (off-site) ;
  accessories supplied with the product are guaranteed for 6-month only
- This warranty does not cover housings and consumables
- This warranty becomes invalid if the product is damaged by accident , abuse or improper operation

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